The Best Heavy Bag 2018

So is the saying “practice makes perfect.” And are you ready to be the perfect one? Then there is the essential equipment that you will need for your practice – a heavy bag. Uses a heavy bag for training on boxing, mixed martial arts and many other martial art styles. Practicing with heavy helps to develop striking techniques like jabs, uppercuts, crosses, hooks, etc. Since keeping fit and being the best involves daily training, you must make sure that you are purchasing the best heavy bag.

There are many types of heavy bags out there in the market, but which one will suit you? You might find it hard to choose the best, and that is where this article is going to help you. It can be overwhelming with all the different types of heavy bags that you will find if you go through the internet or by looking in the market. Here are some important things to pay attention when you are in the hunt for the best heavy bag. You will have to consider things like the budget, the material, the size, the filling of the bag, and the areas you target to train.

The purpose

It is the fundamental thing that you have to consider before buying your heavy bag. Why do you need a heavy bag? What kind of strikes are you planning to practice? Which muscles are you planning to tone? Are you a boxer or a martial art practitioner? It is important because substantial bags are manufactured to meet different purposes of customers. After identifying the target then you can move onto the budget of the heavy bag.

The budget

Your budget is going to set a limit for what you are planning to buy. The other thing that you have to remember is that good quality heavy bags don’t come with low prices. Your best heavy bag will cost you some amount of money, but in martial arts, you always get the equipment worth the amount you pay, and therefore you will never regret it. So go ahead and spend some money for the best heavy bag that will last for a reasonable period.

Size and weight

It is usually recommended to purchase a bag which is half the weight of the person who is practicing. Big heavy bags usually are heavier while the smaller ones are often lighter. We recommend going for lighter ones since when you are practicing with a lighter bag, it will make you feel like you are practicing with your opponent. Heavier bags are less likely to move, and you will have to put on much effort on your strike to make it move. More large bags are not going to be a perfect choice if you are a beginner.

We recommend a massive bag of 60lbs for those with a height of 5″5″, 80lbs for 5″8″ and 100lbs for 6″. If you are someone who is going for some serious practicing, a heavier one is the best choice. It gives you an opportunity to improve yourself when you practice with a more substantial bag.

The shell material of the heavy bag

Take a look at the material of your heavy bag. Some materials are prone to wear and tear while some strong ones will last for a few years. So let’s take a look at different materials of a heavy bag. There are different types of exterior materials in the market like leather, synthetic leather, canvas, and plastic. Let us see why each material is significant from one another and pick the best one to suit you.

• Leather

If your heavy bag is of leather, it means that you can rely on the durability of your bag. Genuine leather heavy bags are the best ones if you can purchase them. Now, why did we say if you can buy them? That’s because natural leather is the most expensive material you will find on the market and the cost of your heavy bag add to the value of the leather. But still, if you can purchase one, you will find that substantial leather bags are quite comfortable once you start practicing.,

• Synthetic Leather

After all, if you find the genuine leather is too expensive and if you can’t afford the price, then how about moving onto a heavy with synthetic leather? Synthetic leather is quite cheaper when compared to the genuine one. A synthetic bag will do its work with the right filling in it. So when you purchase a heavy bag with a synthetic leather shell see that it has an appropriate filling in it.

• Canvas

If synthetic leather is still expensive, then the next best cheapest choice is canvas. It is if you are someone who is concerned about the cost. Usually, the canvas heavy bags in the market are unfilled which means you have to fill it in with the appropriate filling. But still, we don’t recommend you to go for a canvas heavy bag since these bags are not the ones that will help you with your training. Strikes against the canvas will make you feel terrible since your hands are more likely to get sore. After all, what is the purpose of spending money on something that doesn’t give you the expected outcome? It is something for you to decide.

• Plastic

Plastic heavy bag materials are not that common in the market. Plastic bags are typically used to hold water since they manufacture with thick material.

The filler material

What do you mean by the filler material? It is the material in by which the huge bags fill. It is as important as the outer material of the heavy bag. Most of the heavy bags in the market filled ones, but there are substantial bags where you have to fill in the filling. In that case, you must consider the best filling to match the shell material of your heavy bag. The most common types of fillings are fiber, foam, sand, and water.

• Fiber

It is the most common filling of heavy bags that you will find in the market. Strikes for heavy bags with fiber fillings can feel good against your skin when practicing. It gives you a good sense of hard practicing.

• Foam

Most of the excellent quality heavy bags are made out of high-density foam fillings to give you the best of everything. A heavy bag with a foam filling will provide you with a good striking experience. Sometimes it can get hard at the bottom of the bag, and you better watch out for it.

• Sand

Heavy bags with sand fillings is suitable for hard practicing since it will give you a good striking experience. These bags can be costly but believe us it is worth the price you pay. You can avoid the problem of the bottom getting hard by getting a good quality heavy bag with sand filling by spending some extra money.

• Water

It is not a very common type of filling for a heavy bag. There are issues of durability while it is flexible on the other hand. Well, every filling has its pros and cons. Many of the users don’t like heavy bags with water filling while some go with their preferences.

Hanging or standing

Heavy bags come in two main types either hanging or standing. Hanging bags are the most popular since they are traditional heavy bags. If you are planning to purchase a hanging bag, you must have an idea of where to fix it. When practicing with hanging bags, it gives the feeling if practicing with a real opponent with all the swinging and moving. Hanging bags can be the best choice if you find the right spot to install it.

Standing bags come with easy installation, and many people tend to prefer it more than the hanging bags. Unlike hanging, bags standing bags can’t cope with hard strikes and kicks. There is more chance of damage to equipment if you go for a standing bag. But if you are not someone who is going to practice hard, then standing bags are the ones for you.

Finding the appropriate location

Where are you going to install your heavy bag? What is the ideal spot for practicing? Wherever it is the place should have enough space to move around quickly. You must have enough space for practicing when practicing with a heavy bag. Make sure that the area is quiet and there are no distractions.

Make sure that your hanging bag is attached to a sturdy base structure which is strong enough to handle all your strikes and kicks. Heavy bags comes with hangers and chains where you can install them correctly. If you don’t find a proper place to fix it, then you can go ahead with purchasing a stand.

Benefits of heavy bag training

Identifying the purpose of your heavy bag is the first thing to do before purchasing one. Many of the trainers the to buy a massive bag due to some benefits you can get. Here are several advantages of heavy bag training

• It improves muscle tone

Tones muscles of your entire body which includes arms, shoulders, back, chest, calves, and abdominals. It is another good way of burning down your calories. Daily training will help to keep your body in good health.

• Helps in developing fighting techniques

There is a variety of training techniques like jabs, uppercuts, shovel hooks, knee strikes, kicking techniques and elbow strikes which can be improved by heavy bag training.

• Cardiovascular conditioning

Daily training with good practice can be a miracle in your body.

• Developing fighting attributes

It is another benefit of practicing with heavy bags. It develops fighting characteristics like footwork, defense, impact power, offensive timing, balance, distancing, accuracy, etc.

• A way to help control anger

Getting angry or quick anger is one of the last things anyone would want to expect. It is natural to get angry, but anyhow quick anger is not that good for anyone. Heavy bag training right good way of managing your anger. You can control your anger with constant practice with heavy bags.

• Stress reduction

Practicing a large bag excellent way to reduce your stress. Punching a heavy bag on a regular basis is the best way to reduce burden. it can have an outstanding impact on your life.

Safety tips when practicing with a heavy bag

• Get advice from a physician before starting
• It is better to stop training if you feel uncomfortable
• Do not go for hard sessions at first, begin with a lighter round
• See that there vast, huge space and keep your workout area clear
• Don’t strike the heavy bag without good protection in your hands
• Remove jewelry from hands before starting your practices
• Don’t use your full strength to throw a strike unless you are well prepared
• Do some warm-up and stretching before beginning with the heavy bag
• Do not swing on the heavy bag
• Wear a pair of boxing gloves if your hands are turning out to be sore
• Keep both your hands up while practising
• Make sure that you haven’t placed the bag near a window
• Don’t bend your wrists when punching the bag
• See that the heavy installed correctly called before starting to practice
• Don’t extend you’re full when you are punching
• Look out for worn out parts like chains and hangers and make sure that you replace them

When you come to the point of purchasing something, it is never that easy. Buying a heavy bag is a complicated task when comparing with purchasing and other normal good. There are a lot of things that you must consider before the purchase. Now that since you know what to look for you can go for the choice of the best heavy bag to suit your needs. Hope that this article will help you when making the purchase decision.