Bike traveling is one of the best ways for a get away from the dull everyday life. It is somewhat challenging and exciting to travel on bicycles by looking at the peaceful surroundings around you. Bike traveling is the best way to explore the world if you are someone who loves to enjoy the sceneries and collect memories. So, what are the essential gear that you need for bike travel? Yes, of course, you need a bike, and that’s the most basic gear. Let me put you the question in this way, suppose you are traveling for another country; how are you going to carry your bike with you? It is where you will need a bike travel bag. You might be interested to know about the best bike travel bag and nervous about how took a look for one. Look for the following before purchasing your bike travel bag.

The size

The first thing to do is to look for a bag that has space to hold your bike. If your bike is a 56cm one you don’t need to face any such problems with space. But, if it the bike is much bigger than that you will have to give more thought to choosing the correct bag. It should be easy to pack your bike without putting much effort and force. Make sure that you can quickly rebuild your bike later while you are going to travel.

If you are going to drive to the airport, you should have enough space for your bike bag in the vehicle. Even if you are using public transport, it is advisable to get a bike bag that doesn’t consume much space. On the other hand, it is important to remember that a hard-shelled bike box will consume more storage than a soft bike bag.

Packing your bike

Once you have chosen the bike bag to match the size of your bike, then next to you have to go through the packing. First, remove the wheels off the bike, then remove the pedals, the handlebar, and the seat post. Don’t forget the fact that you must deflate the tires before flying. As we mentioned before pack it safely in a manner that you can quickly rebuild it once you arrive at your destination. You would not like to spend much of your traveling time for restoring the bike.


Having wheels is advantageous since it is easy to pull and push your bag instead of carrying the whole thing. Carrying the weight can sometimes frustrate you while moving here and there in the airport and having wheels saves you from such frustration. Bike travel bags with clip-on wheels are less likely to get broken since you can remove them when they are not needed.


There is more chance of getting your bike damaged while traveling and padded compartments can save your bike from such possible damages. Once a bike is removed, and when all the parts put inside the bike bag, there is more chance of getting your bike damaged. Bike travel bags come with padded wheel compartments to ensure that your wheels are safe while it is in the bag.


You can’t depend on your wheels itself. There are occasions where you will have to carry your bike bag and handles are the first thing that you will look for. Handles and straps help you with carrying your bike travel bag.

The Evoc travel bag review

By now, you must have some idea about choosing the appropriate bike bag for your bike. And next, you will be wondering about the best travel bag on the market. There is no need of wondering, let us go through our review about the “Evoc bike travel bag.” The Evoc bike travel bag is the best bike bag with more user recommendations, and no user complains. You will find it more fascinating once we start diving through in detail.

The size and weight

An unloaded Evoc bag is very light in weight. You can fold the bag entirely so that it doesn’t require much space. Since Evoc offer bags with many bright colors, you can choose one so that it will be easy to spot your bike bag at an airport. An unloaded Evoc bag can weigh around 9kg.

The protection

When coming to the protection, you will notice that there is a 4cm thick top padding. You will find that there are two plastic pipes in the wheel compartments to protect the wheels.


The base of the bike bag is rigid, and the plastic runners ensure that the bag is stable. You can handle the bag easily because of the structure that makes it comfortable when carrying or taking it away when you travel. The wheels are well attached so that they won’t break off easily. You will find that there is a plastic bash guard at the back of the bag to protect the rear derailleur. The latex material at the top end and the bottom end will ensure that the bag will cope up well with damage. There are zippered wheel compartments and a few pockets inside to store your gear.

Handles, loops, and straps

There are eight handles in the Evoc bike travel bag which allows you easy handling while carrying the bag. You can even attach your bag somewhere with the help of these handles and straps. All the loops inside will make sure that they will hold your bike in the correct place.


The Evoc bike bag has enough storage space even after you pack your bike into it. You can still put some of your essential gear inside the bag along with the bike. If you are much worried about the protection of your bike you can even add some extra padding to it. But remember the bag can be more burdensome if you try to put more stuff in it. See that you can handle the weight before you load additional gear. You can store the bag easily since you can fold the bag flat once you unload the bag.

If you are a regular bike traveler, then purchasing a travel bike bag is an investment more than an expense. Nothing is more worth than the bike and bike traveling for a regular traveler who loves to explore various destinations on a bike. Purchase an Evoc travel bag and enjoy your traveling expedition.