Handbags – a personal possession of ladies which is used to carry things when travelling. But is that all? Well, it’s a “no”, not nowadays. A handbag to match the outfit is one of the trending fashions at present. So here we are to pick our top 20 handbag designs. Choosing the appropriate handbag consumes both time and effort just equal to that of choosing your clothes. There are certain things which you should give attention when selecting for a handbag to match.

Use of the handbag

It is the primary and the most crucial role of the handbag. No matter what kind of a handbag you are going to buy, it must satisfy your fundamental need. So the most vital question is “What do you want this handbag for?” You might need it for many different reasons – for work, when going out, to carry books etc. Once you know your need, you can start for looking for the ideal handbag that suits you. If you need to take more things you can go for a big handbag. If it is just to carry your items, then a smaller one is right. No matter how beautiful your handbag is, it will be no good if it is not safe to keep your stuff.

The material

If you are looking for a durable handbag, the first thing that gets your attention is its material. We know that leather handbags are more durable than any other handbags since they don’t face much wear and tear. Leather handbags are classy and trendy depending on the design. If the handbag is of synthetic fabrics like nylon may be easy to clean. These bags also come in a wide range of colours and can be quite durable.

For someone with more of a casual style, cotton canvas is a good choice. But cotton canvas has a high chance of getting stained than other material, so don’t move onto light colours if you are planning to get this type of a handbag. A handbag’s material dramatically affects its price, and it can make its design appear casual or dressy. A handbag with a suitable material often costs high. You must check the item’s cleaning instructions tag before washing since differs with the material.

Size and the shape

The size plays its role too. We often say that a purse’s size can improve or destroy a lady’s look. The size of the handbag should suit the size of the buyer. What if you have a small body and you choose a quite large handbag? It will look as if your body covers your handbag and it destroys your look. Something is exciting about the size, choosing the right design can even hide the imperfections of the shape of your body. If you are tall and slim, a handbag which is rounded and slouchy is the perfect pick. If you are short and curvy, handbags with strong angles will look great on you.

The size of the handbag determines its weight. It often suggests that the weight of the handbag should not exceed 10 percent of the wearer’s weight. Larger bags can carry more items so that a full oversized handbag will give immense burden to your shoulders, and you will end up with back pain.


Pockets add up to be another outstanding feature. Many of us love handbags with many pockets where we can keep our things safe. Pockets of different sizes are to keep your stuff, gives more organisation. Many handbags at present have pockets where you can place your mobile phone. Pick your handbag with the number of pockets you need to keep your valuable stuff. This idea is merely fantastic.


The colour can be a determining feature too. Would you like to buy a black and gloomy looking handbag? It would be indeed “no”. Ladies often enjoy purchasing colourful handbag designs. You can buy handbags of different colours to match your outfits. It will never be an expense, but an investment when you buy a handbag with suitable material. So make sure that your colourful handbag is a durable one too.


Adjustable straps can be essential to carry on different occasions. Handbags come in many different handbag strap lengths, so customers should be sure they know which measures they prefer. Many buyers choose 8-inch straps or longer because shorter straps may not feel comfortable. However, make sure that the straps are comfortable too since we don’t want them to dig into our shoulders and cause pain.

A strap should be able to bear the weight of the handbag, and if you stuck more stuff into your handbags, the straps might not do their work. In some handbags, you can remove the long belt and carry them with the handles. Handbags with handles are useful if you are planning to take a substantial handbag. As we mentioned earlier, it is not very wise to give a significant burden on to your shoulders alone.


Women are merely the symbol of fashion. Decorations are something extra to look into when purchasing your handbag. Who doesn’t like to carry a fashionable handbag? Everyone will want one. Famous objects for daytime include spikes, studs, crystals, and sequins. Formal evening bags may feature beading, embroidery and gemstones. Go for a variety of different choices and experiment them, but make sure you have picked the right one for you.

These are some essential features which consider when purchasing a handbag. Sometimes the choice of your handbag can reflect your personality. Finding the perfect bag can be quite tricky though. To select an ideal handbag, it is essential to know what you need in a bag. You must carry your handbag every day so choose the right one for you. After all who doesn’t like to look beautiful and flattering? Well, everyone does. So handbags are one of the best accessories to flatter your outfit.