Our ancestors were good hunters all the way along from generations to generations. It is still there in our blood for we are a part of our ancestors. A good hunter is one who works with a plan and has excellent organization and patience. Are you planning out for your hunting expedition? If you are someone who is looking forward to bow hunting, then there is something which you might need apart from your bows and arrows a bow hunting backpack. If you step into the market to pick a backpack, we are sure that you will get overwhelmed by all the different varieties of bow hunting backpacks that are out there waiting to get chosen by you.

We have to agree with the point that choosing the right backpack is a complicated and challenging task. That is why you need to do some research and go through some guides to select the best bowhunting backpack. Our article here aims to help you with purchasing the best bowhunting backpack. Hope you will get hold of the best one after referring to our report. So let’s have a check on the essential features that your backpack must have.

The purpose of the backpack

When coming to the features, the first and the most important one is to consider the use of the backpack before purchasing one. Well, it is evident that the purpose of the bow hunting backpack is to carry the stuff you need for your hunting expedition. And you have to make sure that it can hold your kill on your way back home. Your backpack must make you comfortable while you are hunting. The last thing that you will want is an uncomfortable, distracting backpack on your shoulders. You are a regular hunter then choose a good quality backpack regardless of the price that you have to pay. Purchasing a quality backpack to aid your regular hunting sessions is an investment more than an expense.

The size of the backpack

Your choice can vary according to the duration of your journey, what you are going to hunt(whether it is an elk or a whitetail), the gear and finally the weapon you are going to carry. If you are going on a one-day hunting expedition, then go for a smaller backpack. The choice of a more modest backpack can save from carrying unnecessary stuff and limit it to the things that you most need. Once you have a large backpack, you will try to take everything you feel that you might want.

But if you are going for an extended period of two or three days, it is better if you can go for a more sturdy backpack. You might need to carry more stuff if you are going for an extended period. Another important thing is the kill; your backpack must provide you with the facility of carrying your kill with less trouble. No matter whether your backpack is smaller or larger, it should fit on you. So make sure that you check your backpack is adjustable on your torso. If the backpack is low, the torso length usually is adjustable from 16” to 17.9”, while the medium is from 18” to 19.9” and finally the large which is greater than 20”. The capacity of most hunting backpacks ranges from 1500 cubic inches to 5000 cubic inches.

Organization and accessibility

The great organization always lead to better access to your stuff. Every one of us like quick access to our thing rather than turning out the whole backpack for what we need. So it is better to choose a backpack which provides you with excellent organization. It is an essential feature while you are on a hunting trip since it must be easy to reach your backpack and pull out the arrow quietly. All hunters know the fact that you must be very quiet while you are hunting or else one small sound or one wrong move will bring you the worst hunting trip ever. A backpack with excellent organization and easy access saves you from a huge mess. Knowing where everything makes it easy to find them with minimum effort.

The design

When coming to the design of the backpack, there are three main designs which you will like. There are front-loading ones, top loading ones, and panel backpacks. The traditional bow hunting backpack is the most common one that you will find in the market. It is simple and light in weight. But you won’t be able to carry much gear and heavy weighted stuff with traditional backpacks. Top loading backpacks provide you with more space than a conventional backpack. Unlike a traditional backpack, you are free to carry good weight and a lot of gear. Most of the bow hunting backpacks in the market are top loading ones. And it would be still better if you can choose a high loading hunting backpack.

Panel loading backpacks are useful when you go on long hunting trips. They have more space in them and provides you with the advantage of the better organization. A panel loading backpack is more massive and more expensive than the other two designs of backpacks.

The fabric/ material

The durability of the backpack depends on its material. If the material of the backpack is not of good quality, then the backpack is less durable. Unlike a regular backpack, a bow hunting backpack must be of good quality. Once you are in the hunting grounds, there are more chances of wear and tear. A combination of quality materials will ensure that your backpack carries enough weight. Since there are sharp edges in the hunting gear that you are going to take, the fabric must be tear free.

Make sure that your backpack is water resistant since you are going to be outdoors all the time. No one will like to have a backpack that ends with soaking your stuff after rain. It would be good if you can find a backpack with internal padding so that it will protect the delicate thing that you are carrying. It will not be that hard to see one because many hunting backpacks come in water-resistant materials to suit the needs of the hunter.

Ability to carry the weapon

If your bow hunting backpack doesn’t have this feature, then it is just another regular backpack. What is the purpose of carrying a bow hunting backpack if there is no way of carrying your bow and arrows? It is one of the most important features that your backpack must have since it is not going to be like any other regular backpack. You are going to use this on your hunting expedition. Many hunting backpacks come with space and straps to hold your weapon. Once you have found a backpack which provides you with this facility, see that your bow and arrows fit in the correct place.

The frame

Backpacks come with both internal frames as well as external frames. Both backpacks with internal frames and outer frames have their pros and cons. Let’s move on to the internal frame backpacks at first. Internal backpacks carry close to your body, and you will be comfortable in that way and more stable than the external frame backpacks. If you are out on hunting on a cold day, then an internal backpack against your back will keep your warm and cozy during hunting. If you are not hoping to carry a lot of bulk, then the internal Frame backpacks are just the thing for you.

Since you are going on a hunting expedition you might like to strap your things into your backpack. You will find the external frame backpack as an excellent choice when carrying additional gear to strap your kill. An external frame backpack is more comfortable during the hot weather as it allows air flow in between the backpack and yourself. You will be carrying your backpack all day long in the hot weather. External backpacks will do you good in warm weather. You can choose either an internal frame backpack or an external frame backpack according to your choice.
Comfortability of the backpack

Well, we are human after all. That is a very reason why comfort adds to be another essential feature in bow hunting backpacks. The straps should be strong enough to hold the weight that you are carrying. At the same time, the straps must not dig into your shoulders due to the pressure leading to both shoulder and neck pain. Your hunting backpack is going to be massive that is for sure. That is why you should see that it is comfortable enough to handle the burden on you. Padded shoulder straps will ease you at your shoulders while a hip – belt will distribute some amount of the weight to the lower back where it reduces the stress of the entire burden on your shoulders.

Pockets for meat hauling

You are going to purchase a bow hunting backpack after all. It is not going to be like any other everyday backpacks that you usually carry. You have to consider this feature before purchasing your bow hunting backpack. Well, you can’t have the meat hanging down your hands all the way along. So let’s look for a hunting backpack with meat hauling pockets. Many bow hunting backpacks on the market come with pockets for meat hauling since manufacturers exactly know what the buyers are looking. We are sure that you might find the best one considering all other features too.

Other pockets and compartments

The backpack must have different pockets and compartments too. Having pockets makes it easy to divide your stuff into compartments. It leads to better organization of things in your backpack. You can have the most accessed things in zippered pockets outside the backpack. In this way you know where to search for something once needed.
The color of the backpack

The color is there again something to consider when choosing a hunting backpack. It should not look like any other standard backpacks. Hunting involves a lot of activities and adventure. Make sure that you don’t go into backpacks with solid colors. A hunter always tries to stay invisible as much as possible. So choosing a solid color backpack is the last thing that you will want to do. Go for backpacks with camo patterns since you can easily blend to match the color of the environment. Almost every hunting backpack comes in colors that match the background.

The warranty

What more can you ask for when the manufacturer is going to offer you with a reasonable warranty period. When purchasing a backpack look for a one that has a full warranty. Backpacks are prone to get damaged quickly and therefore a warranty period is a must for a backpack. Don’t expect a guarantee from a cheap hunting backpack unless you purchase one from a good manufacturer.

The quietness of the backpack

Just one look at the topic and you might wonder what it means. A hunter knows the importance of calmness in a hunting field. If you are planning to be quiet and invisible from the animals, a noisy backpack will never help you. Animals will undoubtedly run away when they here you. So purchase a backpack which is of beautiful fabric that doesn’t give out loud noises.

Other things to consider

Apart from all the above features of a bow hunting backpack, there are some additional things to consider as well. It is not only a backpack that you will need to take on your hunting expedition. Let’s go through the other necessary things that you might need.

The Bow

Since you are going out on a hunting expedition, you need a bow. There are three main types of bows; the traditional bow, the compound bow, and the crossbow. Traditional bows are those which were used by our ancestors. Traditional bows are strong enough to kill animals such as elks, bears, and whitetails. But it requires more effort. Using a compound bow is much more comfortable than using a traditional bow. It does not consume much energy. Crossbows are much easier to handle than both traditional and compound ones.

The arrow

After you have chosen your bow, then you have to go ahead to get an arrow. Make sure that you select an arrow to match your bow. It should go hand in hand with the draw length and draw weight of the arrow.
The clothing and boots

You must choose your clothes to match the environment as well. Camo is the best material that suits you on a hunting expedition. You can stay invisible from your kill once you choose the right clothes for hunting. Make sure your clothes cover the entire body.

Wear a pair of boots that cover your legs as it will keep your foot safe from the harsh grounds in the wild. There are more chances of getting pricked by thorns and bitten by insects.

A first aid kit

You might not know on what occasions you will need a first aid kit. Once you are out in the wild woods, there is no way of predicting what injuries you will have to face. It is always better to get prepared for any situation. You will have to run, climb, crawl and do many more. A first aid kit with a few ointments, plasters and medicine for wounds is more than enough.

Let nothing to pull you back once you are out on your hunting expedition. So plan everything and see that you have got everything you need. Choose the perfect backpack to support you in this adventurous outing. Never mind the money a quality bow hunting backpack will last for a good number of years.