So here we meet again in this new year, bringing you a review of our collection of the latest and the best hiking backpacks in 2018. Eager to get hold of the best hiking backpacks of 2018? Our top 10 best hiking backpack picks in the review include the TETON Sports Scout 3400, Osprey Packs Exos 48 Backpack, Maxpedition Falcon II backpack, Osprey Packs Farpoint 70 Travel Backpack, Alps outdoorz pursuit backpack, AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack, BOLANG Summit 45, wasing 55l internal frame backpack and finally the mountaintop 65l backpack. Now let’s go into detail about each backpack to pick up the best hiking backpack for you.

TETON Sports Scout 3400

Capacity             : 3400 Cubic Inches / 55 Litres
Colour options  : Mecca Orange/ Hunter Green/ Coyote Tan
Material              :600D Diamond Ripstop
Weight                 :4.5 lbs

Here is one of our best hiking backpacks on the top of our list – now we will go through the TETON Sports Scout 3400 review. The TETON Sports Scout 3400 backpack is an internal frame backpack that comes in three different colours (Mecca Orange, Hunter Green, Coyote Tan) which include a free rain cover. Some of the other main features of the TETON Sports Scout 3400 are; padded shoulder straps which are fully adjustable and torso length to fit anyone, a durable open-cell foam lumbar pad and moulded channels. Apart from the above main features, there are some more features in the TETON Sports Scout 3400 which makes it one of the best hiking backpack. The other features include a large sleeping bag compartment, multi-directional compression straps, and multiple compartments and pockets arranged for strategic packing.

With all these features you will surely feel comfortable with the TETON Sports Scout 3400. The backpack is suitable for any person who is willing to go for a long hiking trip. What’s more when there is a safety yellow rainfly which you can hide till you need it. It will keep your stuff safe from getting wet during long journeys. Another fact you will be interested in is that the backpack is not that heavy so you can carry it easily. The main compartment closes securely with two barrel-lock drawstrings where you can keep your things safe. The TETON Sports Scout 3400 is one of those best hiking backpacks which you should carry when travelling. With all those loops like gear loops where you can hang ski poles, ice axe, or shovel and top the carry-loop to make it easy to load into your car, you will find that the TETON Sports Scout 3400 is one of the best hiking backpacks in the market.

Osprey Packs Exos 48 Backpack

Sizes         : Small, medium, large
Colours   : Basalt black, blaze black, pacific blue and tunnel green
Material  : Nylon
Weight     : 2.61 lbs/ 2.62 lbs/ 2.65 lbs

Moving on to the next best backpack in the review – the Osprey Packs Exos 48 Backpack comes in four attractive colours (basalt black, blaze black, pacific blue and tunnel green) where you are free to pick a colour you like. The Osprey Packs Exos 48 Backpack review will show you that this is one of the best hiking backpacks on the market. Some of the advantageous features of the Osprey Packs Exos 48 Backpack will make you want to purchase it. The ExoForm hip belt gives you the right fit, while the ExoForm shoulder straps include a stretch-mesh energy gel pocket all these just to ensure that you are comfortable. This backpack will be quite useful since you will find it more durable than the others. Well, it is not just all, there are some more features and advantages.

The Osprey Packs Exos 48 Backpack has both front and side stretch woven pockets and also zippered hip belt pockets which you can easily reach. You will be interested to know that the backpack is made of 100-denier nylon and ripstop nylon for ultralight durability. The above are some reasons to pick the Osprey Packs Exos 48 Backpack as one of our best hiking backpacks this year. And also the removable floating top pocket has an internal key clip and under-lid zippered mesh pocket gives more space to organize your stuff. The backpack comes in three different sizes (small, medium and large) so you can choose a backpack that matches your height and weight. There are a number of multiple cord tie-off points which gives you to tie additional gears onto your backpack. The Osprey Packs Exos 48 Backpack has a super light air speed suspension system and it focuses on keeping down weight and you will feel that the backpack is much lighter. The extendable cover at the top will help you to load more stuff into the backpack.

Maxpedition falcon II backpack

Capacity      : 1520 Cubic Inches
Colours        : Black/ wolf grey/ OD green, khaki/ foliage green and khaki/foliage green
Material       : Nylon
Weight          : 3 lbs

Moving on to the Maxpedition falcon II backpack review, this backpack is well known for its durability and intelligent design. It comes in six (black, wolf grey, od green, khaki, foliage green and khaki/foliage green) different colours. You will find that there are many compartments in the Maxpedition falcon II backpack, which is a big advantage for hikers. It allows you easy access since stuff can be well organized into different compartments. There are two large compartments which opens up in a “u shape”. The two pockets in front is useful to keep things that you need to access ever time. You can put snacks, maps or anything like that in these pockets. The hip belt will help you to carry the backpack easily and you will never feel the weight.

The main bladder space is under the straps where the back panel is. There is also an area for a second hydration bladder if you want two of them. The size of the Maxpedition Falcon II backpack is much smaller than the other hiking backpacks but don’t misjudge it despite its size. You can put everything you need in this backpack, no matter what size it is. You will find a gear at the top which opens out two hydration holes out to the straps in the shoulders. The entire backpack is just a wonder for travellers and hikers. The bottom of the pack has a reinforced waterproof bottom. Two straps down there too for a bedroll if you want one. The strap which loops over the top of the bag can also be loosened enough to hold items and the gear at the top can be closed so you can carry it by holding it at the top.

Osprey Packs Farpoint 70 Travel Backpack

Capacity   : M/L: 4,272 Cubic inches
S/M            : 4,089 Cubic inches
Colours    : Jasper red/ volcanic grey
Material  : Nylon
Weight     : M/L: 3 lbs. 14.7 oz.
S/M           : 3 lbs. 12 oz.

Let’s go through the Osprey Farpoint 70 backpack review. This backpack is one of the best hiking backpacks which is a front-loading backpack. The large panel zip ns you to access to the main compartment which has lockable sliders provides security for your stuff. At the base of the backpack, you’ll find a roll of additional material that you can unroll and zip over the straps themselves, creating a protective covering. The Osprey Farpoint 70 backpack comes with a daypack attached to the front of the backpack with a zipper. The gender specific Osprey 70 backpack is the best hiking backpack which suits you to keep comfortable. Regardless of its size, it is more comfortable and light to carry on long journeys.

This backpack has a detachable daypack which provides additional storage and organization so its easy for you to carry on long trips. It can be attached to the main pack harness for secure front carry and easy access. The two mesh compartments on the inside will help you to keep everything neat and clean. The Osprey Farpoint 70 backpack has a safety whistle attached to it. The LightWire frame suspension transfers the load from harness to hip-belt. You can see that there are two mesh water bottle holders attached to the extra day back. The compression straps of the backpack help to shrink down the backpack to a smaller size and fit for the person who carries it.

Alps outdoorz pursuit backpack

Capacity    : 2700 Cubic Inches
Colours     : Coyote/ realtree xtra
Material    : 1680D Nylon Ballistic Fabric
Weight       : 4.1 Pounds

The Alps outdoorz pursuit backpack is a lightweight backpack which is of extreme quality and durability. With a hydration pocket and port, you can store water to keep you hydrated throughout the hiking trip. The Alps outdoorz pursuit backpack is designed to survive long hiking trips and tough journeys, therefore, this backpack will never fail you. The backpack comes with an elaborate system of pockets which gives you more organization than other backpacks. You can store much stuff in the main pocket in your backpack.

The following are some distinct features that you will find in this backpack, Having large front and main pockets, quiver holder on each side of the backpack, front lashing system, hydration pocket and port and lower side mesh pockets. The waist belt of the Alps outdoorz pursuit backpack is padded so it will still keep you comfortable when you’re carrying a little bit of extra weight. A blaze orange rain cover is included in the backpack so your stuff will be safe even though it rains. You might be amazed with the features in this Alps outdoorz pursuit backpack review since it is simply meant for travelling. This is the best hiking backpack for those who look for a good quality durable backpack.

AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

Capacity   : 75L/ 65L/ 55L
Colour      : Green/ black
Material  : Polyester
Weight     : 4.27 pounds

After going through the AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack review you will find that this is one of the best hiking backpacks to carry on your next adventure. What’s more when there is a rainfly to protect the backpack from rains. This is the ideal backpack for hiking and camping since the backpack provides a durable design for reliable performance, and it has a huge space for all your stuff. Best of all, it ensures a comfortable fit that will keep you in good humour throughout your journey. The AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack comes with an internal-frame for hiking and camping with a durable polyester construction. The extensive storage pockets and compartments allow you to store more things with more organization. The backpack comes with a compartment for a large sleeping bag.

Some more features you can enjoy with the AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack are multi-directional compression straps with adjustable straps for a secure fit, a lumbar support for added comfort and thick padded shoulder straps. The backpack is made of a water-repellent exterior coating to protect your things from light rain. The backpack has an extension collar added for optional storage space when you need to take more things on your adventure. The backpack offers you with a warranty which is limited to one-year. Since the AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack is designed for many different body sizes, the backpack provides a secure, fully adjustable fit, an adjustable waist belt, and adjustable straps at the shoulders for upper-load balance and support. An open-cell foam lumbar pad and molded channels offer important lower-back support and promote increased airflow, while thick padded shoulder straps will help you to carry heavy loads easily on long journey.

Arcteryx Altra 65 Pack

Capacity    : 65 L (73 L max), 2,965 in3 68 L (75 L max), 4,148 in3
Colours     : Carbon copy/ diablo red
Material   : 210D nylon and 100D nylon
Weight      : 4 LBS 15 oz, 79 oz/ 5 LBS 1 oz, 81 oz

The Arcteryx Altra 65 Pack review has some amazing features like an internal frame with shoulder straps which can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally for a personalized fit. The backpack has a thermoformed, triple-density hip belt which promotes airflow and evaporative cooling. You will find that the top lid has 2 zippered compartments and a map pocket which you can remove. Another interesting feature is that it has dual side zippers which allow quick access to the main compartment through the front panel. The Arcteryx Altra 65 Pack is one of the best hiking backpacks with a long-term durability which is designed to go through all the tough adventures with minimal damage.

The 2 stretch-mesh side pockets of the Arcteryx Altra 65 Pack with elastic draw cords will hold your water bottles or snacks while the 4 compression straps and padded compression wings will make your backpack feel lighter. This backpack is the most comfortable pack with two-dimensional shoulder strap adjustment that allows the user to fit it for the right shape. With many compartments and pockets, this backpack permits to carry a lot of stuff. The Arcteryx Altra 65 Pack has a waistbelt and torso that offers excellent swivel. There are four horizontal and four vertical straps that allow you any load.

BOLANG Summit 45

Capacity     : 45 L
Colours      : Black/ blue/ green/ dark green
Material     : Water-resistant Nylon
Weight       : 3.2 pounds

The BOLANG Summit 45 review reveals that it is one of the best-hiking backpacks with a top cap which has two drawstrings to expand the pack and increase the main compartment capacity when you need some extra space. The number of pockets in the backpack includes a top back pocket, a front pocket, 2 hip-belt pockets,1 bladder sleeve and 1 rain cover. When looking at the backpack you can see that both sides of the shoulder straps have a D-shape hook. This is the ideal backpack to take on long hiking trips. If you are planning to go on a long hiking trip the BOLANG Summit 45 will be the best pick for you.

The BOLANG Summit 45 is made of high quality durable lightweight nylon material, with both water resistance and tear resistance. All these features add to make this bag more luxury and durable when it meets your hand. The suspension system allows to disperse the heat quickly and wicks moisture and keeps you cool and dry. The padded sponge shoulder straps and hip-belt promote air circulation along your back and shoulders. Since the suspension system can be removable, it is easy to wash and clean your bag. At the bottom of the backpack, you can find a pocket with zippered access. It comes with an internal divider where you can keep your things separately from the others. The BOLANG Summit 45 is the best hiking backpack which suits both men and women with the ability to fit in perfectly.

Wasing 55l internal frame backpack

Capacity    : 55L
Colours     : dark blue/ green/ light blue/ yellow
Material    : Rip-Stop Polyester
Weight       : 2.8 pounds

The Wasing 55l internal frame backpack is made of water-resistant rip-stop polyester, to make sure that the backpack is durable and wear-resisting which makes it one of the best hiking backpacks. When going through further features we can see that the Wasing 55l internal frame backpack has 1 hip-belt pocket, 1 bladder sleeve, 1 front pocket, 1 rain cover with a compartment and two mesh bottle pouches. All these compartments give you the chance for a good organization before your journey.

The Wasing 55l internal frame backpack also has an extension collar with two drawstrings on the top where you can expand the pack and increase the main compartment which gives you an extra capacity of 5 litres to pack more stuff you might need on your adventure. You will find a zipper at the bottom of the backpack which gives access to rain cover, which you can use during heavy rains. The deep and densely padded shoulder straps and hip-belt provides maximum comfort and allows airflow. The Wasing 55l internal frame backpack is a top loading backpack and if you are not willing to spend a big amount on your backpack then this is the ideal pick for you. Regardless of the price, this backpack has all the basic features of a hiking backpack. You will not feel any difference since it is more than worthy of the price you pay. And with this Wasing 55l internal frame backpack review you can make the choice to pick this economical and durable hiking backpack and explore the world.

Mountaintop 65l backpack

Capacity   : 65l
Material   : Nylon
Weight      : 3.8 lbs

And finally let’s go through the Mountaintop 65L backpack review. This backpack is made of nylon and has some interesting features, as well as an attractive figure to be considered as the best hiking backpack. Here are some main features which everyone looks for. The Mountaintop 65L backpack has a volume capacity of 65l. This means that this backpack has all the space to carry everything you need for your adventure. This backpack is made of quality material, so it is guaranteed that you can use it for many years on a number of hiking trips. The design can be adjusted to a number of different torso sizes with an adjustable back-length function, to suit people of different sizes and ages.

With all these features you will never feel the weight on your backpack. There are padded hip straps and shoulder straps, which help to make the backpack fit your size. It will make sure that you are comfortable throughout your journey no matter how long it takes. The Mountaintop 65L backpack has a built-in waterproof cover so you need not quit with a little amount of rain that falls on your backpack. With this backpack, you are definitely safe from the rain. There are a number of compression straps where you can tie other items such as sleeping bags and a hydration system that allows for a water bladder. Along with all these the internal frame supports the entire backpack to be in good shape. You can adjust the height into 8 different heights by using the height adjuster at the back. The Mountaintop 65L backpack has a large interior volume capacity, which is divided into two compartments, which is useful for contents that need to be kept separate. The hydration system capable of carrying bladders of up to 3l. You can enjoy all these features if you chose the Mountaintop 65L backpack. So with a review of all these backpacks you can compare each backpack and choose the best hiking backpack for your next hiking trip.

Backpacks – the best choice for hiking
Why backpacks? Won’t suitcases do?
When we say backpacks are the best the for hiking there are there are the many good reasons for us to say so. So why a backpack? Won’t suitcases do? We are sure that you are eager to know. Let’s go and have a look without further ado.

One main reason is that good travel bags just makes our life easier when travelling. You will find it easy to carry a backpack that fits you well and which has a good weight distribution. You will barely even notice the weight, feeling much comfortable than carrying a suitcase since you will even have a hip strap. It is easy to take them on buses, planes etc. since it is more convenient and secure over using a suitcase. And additionally, it will also save you a fair bit of money. Not having to pay baggage charges when using baggage airlines can add up to be a huge saving.

A choice of a good backpack can be a long-term investment since you will find that backpacks are more durable than suitcases. Spending a reasonable amount for a backpack which is far more flexible and not easily damaged is certainly an investment for the long-run. If you make the choice of picking a good one, then you need not think about buying another for many years. Then let’s say good-bye for suitcases and a big hello for backpacks!

How to pick up the best backpack?

There are a number of things to look for when choosing a good backpack. Spending a few hours to make the choice of the best backpack won’t go waste simply because you a going to get one which is worthy of both your time and money. Therefore make sure that you always take your time when selecting a backpack and try to select the best one that meets your needs. Of course, when making the choice of a backpack it should be definitely durable, protective and long-lasting. The following are some important features and points which will aid your purchase decision.


The capacity is an important feature to be looked into when purchasing a travel backpack. There should be enough space inside the backpack to hold your stuff. A hiking backpack depends on the length of your typical journey. If you are planning to travel far you might need a backpack with more capacity to hold your provisions than an ordinary one. Backpacks without enough space can result in broken equipment when you try to stuff more things into your pack.

Frame Style

There are two main types of backpacks depending on the style of their frames. Backpacks are built around a rigid frame either internally or externally.

Internal frame backpacks

Majority of the modern backpacks are internal framed backpacks where the frame of the backpack is hidden from external view. Many hikers prefer these types of backpacks where you have a variety of choices.

External frame backpacks

These backpacks have an externally accessible frame for attaching equipment to the outside of the bag. Backpacks with external frames are cheaper than backpacks with internal frames.


When considering the material it must be able to protect your stuff from the rain, moisture and any other possible effects from the water. This doesn’t mean that your backpack must be 100% waterproof, but make sure that it is made out of a semi-waterproof material so everything doesn’t get wet in a drizzle. You can’t always look forward to good weather conditions when you are a hiker, this is why it is always better to be prepared.


Straps are very important since good straps help to keep you feel comfortable with your backpack. When considering the straps following are what you should look for.

Padded hip strap

A hip strap helps to spread the weight over your body. You will not feel it hard on your shoulders when you have a padded hip strap to support you.

Padded shoulder straps

Padded shoulder straps are more comfortable when you are planning to go on long walks. It will keep you at ease and save you from getting bruises.

Access to backpack

This is another important feature which you should look for. You might often get sick with a top loading backpack where you will have to open the backpack from the top. Front loading backpacks are more convenient than the top loading ones since it is easy to access them.

Multiple compartments

Having multiple compartments facilitates you with the advantage of separating your stuff in your backpack. You will exactly know where to look for your things once they are organized into different compartments. This will also save your stuff from getting dirty as you can keep them well organized when you have a backpack with multiple compartments.

Lockable zippers

When you have lockable zippers you can keep your backpack locked which is one way of securing your stuff. So when choosing your backpack look for ones which have two zippers in a compartment. You can leave your backpack for some time without any fear of any loss.

Reasonable price

The cost of the product is equally important just as the above-mentioned ones. As we mentioned about your backpack will last for a few years and this is why we say it is an investment. The price of the backpack may depend a lot on the size, the fabric, and the brand.

Hope the above article will help you in making a good buying decision which is worth an investment rather than an expense. Go ahead and find the best backpack to match your needs in this new year.