Here we are again on the hunt for the best backpack that will serve us for several years. This time, the Condor 3 Day Assault Pack caught my attention on the hunt for a durable bag. It is one of the most excellent products with excellent craftsmanship introduced by the Condor if you are planning to buy it. The Condor, 3 Day Assault, is quite famous as a versatile pack with proper handling. I was merely taken aback with all its pockets and compartments that made me feel comfortable with the pack. Let us go one by one through of the features of the pack in our Condor 3 Day Assault Pack Review.


Let us check on the compartments at first in our Condor 3 Day Assault Pack Review. The compartments of the pack will get your quick attention since there is every kind of compartment in this bag that you can imagine. You will find that this pack has seven generous compartments where you are free to organize all your stuff. There is this compartment, which we can call the radio compartment, then a compartment for hydration and many more. The hydration bladder compartment is at the back of the pack where you can store a two or three-liter hydration bladder in this compartment.

There are two Velcro handles in the pack to secure the hydration bladders and drainage holes in case of a leak or damage. If you prefer to move ahead with a water bottle than a hydration bladder, then there are two zippered compartments at the sides of the bag which you can easily hold a one-liter water bottle in each. There are four straps of MOLLE webbing outside both of these compartments. The main compartment comes sealed with heavy duty water resistant double zippers and a rain diverting flap. The main compartment opens up to 180 degrees with allows you with easy loading and unloading. The main compartment has four ballistic nylon compression straps on one side and two large mesh zippered pockets on the other side.

The radio compartment in the front comes with three separate sleeves with space for keeping books, maps, journals and then smaller sleeves for two small radios and three sleeves for pens. Then you get another compartment on the front, at the top of the pack which is accessible through the vertical zipper on one side. On the front of this compartment, you get six rows of MOLLE webbing which allows you with the attachment of additional gear. Another exciting feature is that there are two rows of Velcro straps under the first and second MOLLE straps.

There again you can find two zippers in the other compartment in front at the bottom of the pack. There are three mesh pockets with elastic openings and one large mesh pocket on the other side with a zippered mesh pocket. Here again, there are two rows of MOLLE webbing in the front of this compartment. With all these pockets and compartments you can stay well organized during your journey. The backpack grants you with quick access which saves you from more trouble.


They have stitched the shoulder straps well, and this pack is the exact match for an adventurer who will be out for two or three days. The shoulder straps have a thick padding of 3cm which will ensure that the pack is comfortable when you are carrying it. The straps have vertical MOLLE webbings with D rings that allow you with additional attachments. There are two compression straps at the top which will allow to compress and tighten your load.

Then there are chest straps as well as a padded hip belt. The chest belt is adjustable to fit any size, and the hip belt is well padded to transfer the weight of the bag to your hips with ease. The chest strap is adjustable both up and down and in the sideways. Then there is this Velcro loop system where you can fold the long ends of the straps so that they won’t be flapping around. The hip belt is really wide, and there is an additional help belt adjustment on both the sides. It is not just a hip belt of names sake but a strong one that can handle the weight well and make you more comfortable.


Since you are already half the way in our Condor 3 Day Assault Pack review, you must already have an idea of how durable this pack is. The material used in the pack is 1000 denier water-resistant nylon which will last for quite a good number of years. The pack is well stitched to ensure its quality and the material is quite good against wear and tear.

To summarize our Condor 3 Day Assault Pack review let us run through the following features of the pack in brief.

  • MOLLE webbing in almost the entire pack to attach additional gear
  • Three handles, one on the top and two on the sides
  • 2/3 liter hydration bladder compartment
  • Seven compartments in the pack
  • Padded shoulder straps and hip belt and adjustable chest strap
  • Velcro straps that add up as an additional feature
  • Pockets for better organization
  • Water resistant material to keep your stuff safe
  • Three handles for better handling of the backpack
    If you are eager in buying this pack for yourself, then I hope that our Condor 3 Day Assault Pack Review was quite useful for you in getting to know the features of the bag. If you are someone who prefers to be well organized then the Condor 3 Day Assault Pack is just the exact thing that will suit you. The bag won’t be a burden on you once you set your foot out for an outdoor adventure. Feel free to try this backpack since you will never get disappointed with the Condor 3 Day Assault Pack. It is just the pack for you if you are a daily adventurer who will be out for around three days.