A sacred medicine bag tells the story of your spiritual journey through this lifetime, reminding you of who you are and how you came to be.

The sacred medicine bag is part of a spiritual journey, which reflects in its contents, the sacred journey that each individual takes part in. By creating your own sacred medicine bag, you will have a record of your own spiritual journey through this lifetime.

Your Spiritual Journey

Everyone has questions as they make their way through the never-ending maze called life. Two of the most common questions are “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” Your spiritual journey is all about finding the answers to these questions, and with each passing day, you get a little closer to finding those answers. Your medicine bag is a reminder of all things sacred to you as you advance in your spiritual journey.

Your Sacred Medicine Bag

Although there is no definite rule, your sacred medicine bag is best created by your own hands using whatever material you prefer. This could be silk, cotton, canvas, leather – anything that can be sewn into pouch form and can be closed with a snap, button and string or a tie of some sort. It should be able to open and close easily as you will be adding other items as your life progresses.

There are no specific size requirements, so the size of your medicine bag will be an individual decision based on what you believe you will put into it. If your spiritual journey has brought to you many different items of value, you may have a large medicine bag. If you are just beginning your spiritual journey, you may want to create a smaller bag. Give this some thought before actually creating your medicine bag to assure that you will make one large enough for your individual experiences.

Your Sacred Contents

The contents of your medicine bag will be specific to you and your experience; however, one main item that should be in every sacred medicine bag is a small quartz crystal. Quartz crystals are powerful stones, which have different kinds of power. They are cleansing stones, healing stones, meditation stones, and protection stones, to name a few of their valuable attributes, but will be used in your medicine bag for purity of intention.

Aside from the quartz crystal, the contents of your medicine bag will be items, which reflect who you are and how you have come to be that person through your spiritual journey. You could add such things as special herbs, ashes, a small angel statue, a lock of hair from each of your children, a rune stone, or something representing your totem animal. There is no right or wrong in your chosen items. Each item, however, should be representative of a turning point in your life, something that has moved you forward in your experience, and/or an item, which holds special value to you.

Blessing Your Sacred Medicine Bag

Your medicine bag should be blessed and each item you place in your medicine bag should also be blessed before placing any of them inside your bag. As with the creation of your medicine bag, how you choose to bless it and your special items is also an individual decision.
You could set up an elaborate blessing with candles, a circle of precious stones, incense and a blessing you have written out to recite. You could lay a cross on your medicine bag and recite The Lord’s Prayer. Whatever you choose to do, your intention when making, filling and blessing the bag should be pure with health and well-being toward yourself and continued success and growth in your spiritual journey.

Your Own Special Secret

Your medicine bag is sacred to you and you alone. It is not meant to be shared with others who would not understand its purpose to you or the experiences you have had that are reflected within it. It is the keeper of records of those precious moments in your life which have shaped and molded you in a way only you can value, so it should be kept private and close to your heart.

Your Completed Medicine Bag

Once you have filled and blessed your medicine bag, you should keep it with you, as it is your talisman of self. You can wear it around your neck, tie it to your belt loop, carry it in a purse or hang it from your rearview mirror if you are behind the wheel a great deal. It will give you great strength to continue in your life’s journey.

Your sacred medicine bag is a constant reminder of how far you have come in your spiritual journey, both through good experiences and bad experiences, and enables you to value all of your experiences for what they have been – a means of growth and your own unique life story.