Wow, all those duffle backpacks in the market and which one should I get? You must be wondering about which one to purchase among all those overwhelming backpacks in the market. Let’s move aged through our duffle backpack buying guide where you don’t need to wonder anymore. Before starting with the feature of the backpack, you must give a thought about the following so that you will be able to purchase the right bag to fit the needs.

  • Are you one of those daily travelers?
  • What are you going to carry?
  • The amount of weight that you can handle.
  • The features of the backpack if you are looking for a particular backpack.
  • Are you going to take the pack when you are flying abroad?
  • The reason why you need a duffle backpack
  • The following are some things that will interest you while you are looking for the best duffle backpack to suit you.

The volume of the backpack

When getting to the point of the volume of the backpack, duffles come in different volumes where you can choose one to meet your own needs. If you want your duffle for a 3 to 4 days trip, then you will need a backpack with more volume to pack your stuff. If you need one for just your daily traveling, then a one with lesser volume will do the job. Women are more likely to purchase duffles with less volume than men.

Ability to pack and unpack

The backpack should give you less trouble with packing and unpacking. You must be able to reach the bottom of the backpack easily while packing in your stuff. See that the main compartment allows you for easy packing and unpacking. Though some backpacks look somewhat spacious, you will realize that it is difficult to reach the whole backpack once you start packing your things. Look well through the compartment and see that it is spacious just the way as it looks.

Handles and wheels

Handles make it easy when you need to load your backpack on a shelf or something. It is easier to hold your pack when you have a handle on it. You can quickly push and pull it whenever you need a handle. Wheels are another exciting feature of duffles. It gives you the chance of dragging it along the floor with less effort. Wheels can be a blessing if you are someone who hates carrying the whole load on your body itself. I find that having wheels in the pack is such relief than taking the weight all the way.


You should be able to handle the weight of the backpack. Another important thing is that if you are planning to fly, you must be aware of the weight limits for your backpacks set by the airlines. They don’t permit you to carry more than the given limit per bag. Look for these things before purchasing your duffle backpack.


The backpack must give you no trouble when carrying it. There are three common ways of carryings duffle; you can wear it on your back, you can carry it on your hands, or you can sling it over the shoulders. It should be easy to take it while traveling using public transport and it should consume much space.


As you are going to use the pack for quite a specific time, it is worth to spend some extra dollars on buying a good quality backpack. Good quality backpacks will last you longer than a cheap pack which will wear and tears off shortly. Look for the material of your duffle bag; don’t buy a cheaper one with low-quality material with an idea of saving a few dollars. A durable backpack is a lifetime investment and less likely to be an expense.

Quick access pockets

All of us know that a duffle backpack comes with one big compartment for your stuff. I always prefer ones with quick access pockets since I don’t need to dig into the large compartment to look for things. It is advisable to look for a pack with external pockets where you can keep things that you need on a regular basis like; your keys, wallets, passport or any other stuff.


The material of any pack determines how long you can use the pack. A fine material won’t wear and tear easily. The material must be water resistant so that you won’t need to worry during a downpour. No one would like to have a pack which soaks the stuff inside after a slight rain.

Lockable zippers

We can’t always be guarding out backpack 24-7. A backpack with lockable zippers can save you from such a headache. Having lockable zippers will keep our backpack safe while we are not watching over it. There are chances of zippers getting opened and things falling out or someone who is trying to snatch the stuff inside the backpack. Once the pack is locked, then there is nothing much for you to worry about.


A normal duffle pack has three main straps in it; two shoulder straps, one long adjustable shoulder straps and two carry on traps where you can take the bag in your hands. No matter what strap it is making sure that they are strong enough to stand the weight of the backpack. Make sure that the straps don’t make you feel uncomfortable while you are carrying it.

The shape, color, and design

There are many attractive looking backpacks on the market. They come in different shapes, colors and designs. You can go for a bright color if you want to spot your pack without getting it mixed up at the luggage counter. Duffles with sturdy shapes has better looks than the normal ones. You are always free to look for a design to fit your taste.

After going through all the above features, you must have an idea about what kind of duffle backpack you are looking for by now. So let’s step into the market and choose the best duffle backpack to fit your needs.