Here we are today, introducing you the Everki Titan Backpack which is, of course, an overwhelming backpack among all those backpacks out there in the market. To be frank, getting to know all the features and specifications of the Everki Titan was quite impressive. The Everki Titan is one of those This is one of those flawless, perfect backpacks which can make its owner feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. Not knowing where to start this Everki Titan review, let us simply dive through one by one through the significant aspects of the Everki Titan. Take a look at the features at a quick glance

  • A backpack which is airport friendly with a laptop compartment which opens up to 180 degrees
  • Five-point harness for better comfortability
  • Laptop compartment which allows storage of a laptop up to 18.4 inches
  • A felt-lined quick access pocket at the top
  • Separate rain cover which covers the entire backpack
  • Separate case for any tools
  • Another felt compartment for a tablet computer
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Padded straps with an adjustable chest belt
  • Front compartment with separate organization pockets of different sizes
  • A stretchable pouch as the front if the backpack
  • Side pocket to hold up to a one-liter water bottle
  • Pockets and compartments
    The Titan is mostly referred to as a checkpoint friendly laptop backpack because you can open up the laptop compartment up to 180 degrees where you can scan the laptop separately at the airport. To begin the Everki Titan review, let’s go ahead with the pockets and compartments; there is a stretch pocket at the front with quick access to things that you need. The laptop compartment has enough space to hold up to an 18.4-inch laptop. You can even have two 14 inch laptops in this pocket since it has enough space. The Titan has a small zippered pouch at the top where you can put something like your cell phone in it, and there is one of those headphone cord poles which seems to be slightly water resistant. There are three zippered mesh pockets on one side; then there is a felt lined holder for a tablet computer.

There is space for a tablet computer, and you can even have two or three books in there without much trouble. The front compartment is impressive since it gives you better organization with all those separate pockets and pouches where you can easily find something when you need it. There are two more zippered pockets on both the sides of the backpack. The one on the right side has a mesh pocket inside it with an elastic strap which can hold a water bottle in position while the one in the left has small pouches where you can keep your pens and other more minor stuff. This bag has merely space for everything that you need to take along with you. You can hold all your technological gear in this pack as it has separate compartments for the required equipment and enough space if you need to carry more.


Everki Titan is the best proof of an organized backpack with all its pockets and compartments. All the three main compartments allow better organization of your things. Since there are separate pockets and pouches in the front compartment, you can have your passport, business cards and other documents since you can spot them easily with this kind of organization. There comes a separate zippered smaller bag which looks like a pencil case where you can put your tools in it.

Fine craftsmanship

We can name the Everki Titan as one of the best backpacks with exquisite craftsmanship that Everki has introduced to the market. Most of the Everki users are satisfied with the product even after years of use. Wow, the Everki Titan is the coolest backpack out there on the market up to now. No matter how much you pay, it is more than worth the price you pay. We can name the Everki Titan as one of the best backpacks with fine craftsmanship that Everki has introduced to the market. Most of the Everki users are satisfied with the product even after years of use.

Straps and Chest belt

That is not all; there is still more to explore about the Everki Titan. The handle on the top of the backpack is sturdy enough to handle the weight of the entire pack. The shoulder straps come padded so they won’t be digging into your shoulders where you will still be able to carry the load much comfortably. The pack comes with an adjustable chest belt which can be adjusted to fit you. The chest belt is something that you will find impressive.

Five-point harness and rain cover

The five-point harness will help you to feel better when carrying the backpack. The Titan allows airflow at the back of the bag so that you won’t face the problem of sweating during the summer. There is also a rain cover at the front of the front compartment which will help you to cover your entire backpack during a downpour. Everki has thought about every single aspect of the user’s preference.

We might not be wrong to say that this backpack is well designed to cater all the services of the owner; well, it is undoubtedly far more than perfect. The Everki Titan is one of those backpacks with more demand, and a lesser customer complains. It was fascinating to write the Everki Titan review by digging through all the features of the Titan. Check out about this amazing backpack for yourself and notice the difference. What more can you ask for when they are providing a lifetime warranty for your pack? We are sure that it will give you the best user experience ever. We hope that our Everki Titan review was helpful for you in getting familiarized with the overwhelming Everki Titan.