Hiring expensive and beautiful clothes for the main wedding party is very popular in the wedding industry in the UK. With over one million results on Google, a search for “wedding hire” delivers everything from bridal dresses to morning suits, dress shirts, frock suits and shoes. Unfortunately, they do not generally provide designer handbags, such as a Mulberry, Anya Hindmarch or a Lulu Guiness.

Planning Your Wedding Day

Considering the financial outlay and time which you have spent preparing for your special day, the last thing you need is an area of your planning in which you have little or no influence over. So, what is the “Weakest Link”? Yes, your guests. Are you hoping that leaving them to their freedom of choice, that they may come along suited and booted appropriately?

Would you like your guests to look great in your wedding photographs? Don’t forget they will be your treasured moments for the rest of your life. Yes and old Aunty Dot will be there, and at least she has made an effort with her frock, but that old handbag has to be hidden from the photographer’s lens! Wouldn’t it be nice to see on your photographs that your guests appear to have invested a little in your special day?

Asking your guests to buy a quality designer handbag, for example, a Louis Vuitton may cause the heart to flutter, especially when they see the price tag. They may question how often they may use it after your wedding, will bag boredom set in and it ends up in its dust cover on the top shelve of their wardrobe. The solution to this is easy, ask your guests to hire their designer handbags.

Designer Handbag Hire

“I’ve never heard of that” you may say, the fact is, designer handbag hire is very new to the UK. It has been extremely successful in America, Australia and South Africa and has only been in the UK for about 5 years or so. It certainly is an exciting and easy solution to enable your guests to wear something that is presentable, fashionable and not an embarrassment on your special day. It will also make your guests feel special, so special, that they will talk about your great idea for years to come.They will not have to buy an expensive handbag, perhaps the extra money may go towards the bride and groom’s gift!

Benefits of Designer Handbag Hire

• Reduced expense for family and friends.
• Latest designer handbags.
• Fantastic wedding photos.
• Will be the topic of conversation for years!
• Saves time

Do Designer Handbags Have A Place At Your Wedding?
Please do not forget about the going away outfit! The bride needs to feel great, look tremendous and still save some money for the champagne at the honeymoon destination. And after the glorious day, the same handbag need never be worn again (unless there’s a real desire to keep it,)