wouldn’t like a game of billiard? But what if you pick the wrong cue? If you get the wrong cue in your hand it might ruin all your fun which is the last thing you want to happen. So here is our article on “how to pick the best pool cue for the money?” Let’s go in search of the best pool cue for you. Here are some things that you must consider when purchasing your pool cue.

Your budget

The budget is the first thing that you will consider before purchasing any type of a good. It is important to know how much your pocket can afford. But a cheap pool cue will lead you nowhere. If you are planning to get the best pool cue then you must be ready to pay the price it worths.

The weight

You must decide the weight of the cue that makes you feel comfortable and easy to use. Cues come in weight levels of lightweight, medium weight, and high weight. Most of the beginners start with 20-21 ounce cues while intermediates move to 18-ounce cues. So it is you who must decide the cue which suits you the best.

The tip

This is whether you are going for a cue with a hard tip or a soft tip. Hard tips often last longer than the soft tips. Soft tips are good if you can give a spin on the cue, but they don’t last long because they are more likely to wear off quickly.

The design

There are cues with various decorations as well as normal cues. If you go for a decorated cue it will be obviously more costly than a normal cue. If you don’t consider about having a design on your cue then you better purchase a normal cue. But somehow a good design is able to create confidence in the player and makes him/her feel good. So if you have enough money in your hands then there is no harm in purchasing a decorated one.

Type of wrap for the grip

Choose a cue with a good wrap for the grip. The nylon wrap and the Irish linen is well known for the feel of comfort in the grip. Beginners for the game must wisely choose the material that feels good in the grip or otherwise they will feel uncomfortable.

The colour and the case for the cue

The colour is some kind of inspiration while a case will help to keep your cue safe. A pleasant colour can always make you feel calm while playing the game. It will motivate you to keep on playing well. A case is something that is necessary for a cue. Having a fine case for your cue can protect it from getting damaged.

We hope that you found our article useful in making your purchase decision we get information from pool clinics to find the best pool cues. Go ahead, step into the market and purchase the best pool cue for money to suit you. Wish you with the success in your new billiard game an with the best cue at your hands.