I won’t be wrong if I say that, handbags are one of the fashion accessories what we women are utterly crazy about. We often know that women have a wide variety of choices when coming to handbags. A ladies handbag serves the simple function of keeping important stuff unseen when travelling around, where the things are neatly stacked in an easily accessible manner. Apart from this highly fashionable handbags are what every woman looks for. Trending handbags add glamour to any kind of outfit which makes you feel exceptional among the rest.

By the end of December, everyone has been looking forward to catching a glimpse of the upcoming spring trends of exclusive handbags. Let us check on some cool and stylish handbags which seem to be trending in Spring 2018. I am sure that you will definitely be excited about wanting this wonderful collection of handbags in your wardrobe.

• Pastel coloured handbags

Pastel coloured handbags are often eye appealing and are suitable for any occasion. You can make the choice of your handbag to match the outfit.

• Transparent plastic bags

These bags tend to more popular in this Spring than ever before. Though the transparent cover reveals the contents of the handbag, many teenage girls are quite crazy over this lovely piece of work. There is a wide range of transparent handbags in different colours and sizes which are available in the market.

• Clutches

Clutches can be termed as handbags of simple yet elegant designs. They often come in soft leather and boxy shapes with a vintage vibe. Some clutches come in various simple and basic colours while some are finished with decorative designs and beads on them. They are easy to be gripped and held on palms.

• Satchels

Satchels are often referred to as messenger bags. Many ladies who are organized prefer the satchel bags because it has many compartments. Since they are spacious and easy to be carried they are the ideal handbags for women who seek larger bags for daily use.

• Beach bags

These are the most suitable trending Spring handbags for young ladies. Beach bags are mostly made of material like straw, jute, bamboo or clothes to match the beach environment. These bags are somewhat larger than the normal handbags since they are designed to be taken to the beach or on picnics.

• Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags are one of the popular types of handbags which are daily worn by women. Shoulder bags have either a single or a double strap that would just be long enough to be carried over the shoulder. Since there are different sizes and colours it makes a perfect pick for any occasion.

• Totes

If you are looking for a handbag where you can put all your things the tote would be a perfect choice. A tote is roomy enough for everything you need, and it comes in every style, to suit any occasion.
Fashion and taste on handbags is something that keeps changing rapidly. Today’s fashion might be entirely dead by tomorrow. But women would never stop spending on trending fashion accessories since every woman tries to be exceptional. The above were some recent trending handbags which can be used for any occasion of life on this Spring. But who might know what changes will be rolling out on this summer?