I was quite eager on every time I purchased a shoulder bag, but to tell you the truth I ended up with disappointment on every time after the purchase. The simple reason to say is that those packs were not up to my expectations. I was so delighted with the Think Tank Retrospective 7 since I finally got the shoulder bag after some brief disappointments. It never failed in amusing me during all that time I have been using it. It is always easy to spot a photographer once he/ she is walking around with a camera bag. Well, it is the last thing I want myself to happen. I find it somewhat awkward in getting the attention of a crowd in an unknown city or town.

The Think Tank Retrospective 7 was a perfect companion who helped me in concealing my identity as a photographer. After all, I don’t think that anyone of you would like others knowing that you are carrying some expensive equipment with you. Well, safety comes first and all others next. So, let us go through the Think Tank Retrospective 7 review where you will get impressed with this simple and charming shoulder bag of mine.

The Pack in Brief

As you see, it doesn’t give out the looks of a typical camera bag which is why I find it more comfortable. There is this flap which can be open with or without the sound of Velcro. If you are at a place where you don’t want others to hear you opening your bag, then you can fold away the Velcro. Then when looking at the sides of the bag, you find two external slides in pockets which are more like two open sleeves. Then at the back of the pack, there is a padded compartment which is big enough to hold your tab. When you open up the flap there, you get the main compartment with two main separators which gives you room for your flasher, camera and the lens.

There is a front slide-in pocket which closes with a strap of Velcro in front of the main compartment where there is a small pouch with a rain cover which comes attached to a detachable loop. Then there are sleeves in the interior where you can store your business cards, pens, and other minor documents. It comes with the color options Blue Slate, Black, and Pinestone where they are all so simple to look. It looks more like any other shoulder bag and not a bit like a typical camera bag. Find it quite astounding? There is much more to go in this Think Tank Retrospective 7 review.

The Quality

The Think Tank Retrospective 7 is an amazing shoulder bag with excellent craftsmanship where there is not even a single hint of damage even after tiring daily use. It seems that it can handle even more while serving through a good number of years. The shoulder strap is one that might get your quick attention on it with a fine piece of thick padding on it. The rubber grips on the mesh padding help to hold the bag in the right position of the shoulder. It prevents the shoulder strap from sliding down even if you are wearing a leather coat. By now you might be rushing through the Think Tank Retrospective 7 review.

The size and comfort

The size is just a medium size pack of the Think Tank Retrospective series of 5 to 50. The main difference of all these Think Tank Retrospective packs is their size. Other than that all the bags are just the same version with minor differences if there are any. Out of all those series, the Think Tank Retrospective 7 was just the best pick for me. The wide padded shoulder strap that rests in the exact place is comfortable for the shoulders as if you aren’t carrying any weight down your shoulder. It would fit in all your stuff with less difficulty.

Pockets and compartments

This shoulder bag is the most impressive one that caught my eye out of all the other packs on the market. It has sleeves and pockets just in the way how a professional would like to have. The main compartment is more spacious than it looks. There is enough space even after you load it with your flasher, camera, and lens. You can still have a few notebooks, documents, pens and pencils. You can carry your tab in the padded compartment at the back of the pack. This bag was exactly what I was looking for; a perfect pack that serves anyone in the field. It has plenty of pockets for the organization where you can get it neatly packed.

The ones that I love

To make it clear, I simply adore the Think Tank Retrospective 7 pack for some of its most amazing user-friendly features. I was taken aback with the smaller Velcro straps which you can fold when you a photographing in a location like a church where you should keep silent. They have thought about every tiny thing that would be useful when designing this bag. Then there some straps inside the bag where you can attach a pen drive or keys, so they don’t get mixed up and lost easily. Just as I mentioned before, the other thing I love it the rain cover that comes attached where you can detach it and cover the pack if needed. It is surprising how little things can make this pack feel so great, and that is where the Think Tank Retrospective 7 stands unique among the other camera bags in the market.

It is cool as there is nothing to keep worrying about someone coming and snatching your expensive equipment while traveling. The Think Tank Retrospective 7 is not another camera bag which invites thieves to come and rob your stuff. I hope that you found this pack amazingly impressive just for me while going through the Think Tank Retrospective 7 review. Purchase this cool pack as it would be definitely worth the price you pay.