Hello there! Fed up with carrying all those huge heavy backpacks? Looking for a smaller backpack to aid you in traveling? Here is some happy news for you, the EDC ready pack is out there on the market! If someone asks me to recommend the best smaller capacity traveling pack, it will always be the “vertex EDC ready pack.” It is a 25L backpack with a height of 19 inches, a width of 11 inches and a depth of 8.5 inches. The backpack is just the right size for me since I am not more than 5’4″ tall and the pack would just fit anyone who is not taller than 6 foot. Now let’s start walking through the vertex EDC ready pack review.

To start with the features, in brief, I have listed a few of the following points in the vertex EDC ready pack review. The vertex EDC ready pack is indeed an everyday carrying backpack which has every tiny bit of its features to satisfy the user’s need.

• It will be comforting on your back with air flow through the mesh panel of the pack
• Well organized pockets of different sizes to hold stuff from big to small
• Shoulder straps which allow other attachments to the pack
• A compartment which fits in a hydration bladder
• A compartment to hold a 15 inches laptop
• A weight of 2 pounds and 15.4 ounces
• A pack with CYKK Zippers
• 1919 webbing in the shoulder straps
• Concealed compartment at the back
• MOLLE Velcro loop panel

To begin with the vertex EDC ready pack review, we will start from the front organizational pouch which is around 2 inches wide, where you can store things that you need to access frequently. There are three pockets where you can fit your pens in two and third one which is a bit larger than the other two. Then there are two other horizontal pockets, one where you can slide in something like your notebook and another zippered pocket for better organization. You will find two pouches on the side of the pack which will hold your water bottles safely. My slim water bottles fit there more nicely more than much bigger one, so it’s better to go with a slim bottle when fitting them there.

Moving on to the next part of the vertex EDC ready pack review, the first compartment opens up to 2/3rd of the pack which gives you less trouble in accessing your stuff. You will be surprised to see the first compartment with MOLLE Velcro loop panel where you can attach your things. If you are interested only in the Velcro, then you can fold the front flap inside the front compartment since it goes down deep to the bottom of the pack. You can still put something more in the first compartment after folding the front flap. I was taken aback by all these compartments with Velcro.

Next, let us move on to the main compartment in our vertex EDC ready pack review. The main compartment is quite impressive too. You will find two mesh pockets and three slides in pockets where you can keep stuff like a pen, a pocket knife, etc. Here again, there are tons of Velcro in the main compartment too. There is a sleeve for your laptop which has enough space to hold a 15-inch laptop with less trouble.

The last compartment at the back is the best place to hide your stuff if you were looking for a safe corner in the pack. As to the reason why is say so is that this is a concealed zippered compartment where no one would notice that there is a compartment at the back. There is a thin sheet of Velcro on one side and a horizontally zippered compartment for the ballistic plate. This pack is the best for a daily traveler who prefers more organization of things. The vertex EDC ready pack is the most durable lightweight backpack that I have come across with less wear and tear no matter how occasionally I use it. Vertex has finished it well with no stitches to come out. I appreciate the fine craftsmanship of this backpack.

The wide shoulder straps with mesh do a really good job in handling the weight on my shoulders. Not only this, the traps help in cutting down sweat. It makes me more comfortable with these straps, and I find this cool when carrying the pack. The straps itself allows more attachment on it where you can attach some gear on to your straps. You can even unclip the shoulder straps at the end. Another amazing feature is the removable sternum straps which makes it more easy to use the pack. I love these adjustable chest belt and the waist belt which you can put away when not needed. Let’s not forget about the handle on the top, which is strong enough to carry the weight of the entire pack.
To end the vertex EDC ready pack review, I would name the pack as the perfect lightweight pack for daily travelers. When you are at the store try the backpack over your shoulders and see how it feels to carry the bag your back. As I mentioned earlier, it will comfortably fit on anyone who is less than 6 foot tall. I hope that the review of the product made it much easier for you in getting to know the pack. Finally, I wish you happy traveling with the vertex EDC ready pack!