A New Age Fashion: Candy Wrapper Handbags

How is fashion changing? NahuiOllin Australia has started to create candy wrapper Handbags that are authentic and stylish. Welcome to a new generation of handbag fashion. Try something eco-friendly, unique and absolutely eye catching to hang off your shoulder or clutch under your arm. NahuiOllin has arrived in Australia. NahuiOllin is one of the first

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All in One Santa Sack and Library Bag or Swim Bag

  Make a Santa sack for Christmas that can later be turned into a functional library bag or swim bag ready for school Christmas can be an expensive time of year but there are ways to alleviate some of those costs. By turning your skills to creating a funky Santa sack you save money, create

Making Your Own Evening Bag Part: Beading and Assembling Your Clutch

When you begin working, do not work near any of the edges of the bag. These will need to be bead free for assembly. Leave about a half inch all the way around on the front and the back to complete after assembly. For the top leave at least an inch and a half to

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Tote Bag Handles and Pocket Patterns: Add Features to the Body of a Totebag

After completing the body of a tote, continue on to make the handles and a pocket. Skill Level      : Easy Finished Size: 10 ½ inches tall, (not including handle) Gauge               : 9 sc = 2 inches; 10 sc rows = 2 inches Materials • Large skeins of

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Cute Book Bags for High School & College – Plaid, Prints, Colors

Some girls like to take their textbooks in bookbags and some like to carry backpacks. A lot depends upon the area where one lives. Preferences are sometimes determined by region, sometimes determined by school, and sometimes determined by one’s friends or clique. Women’s Messenger Bags In school, it is important for a young woman to

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