When you begin working, do not work near any of the edges of the bag. These will need to be bead free for assembly. Leave about a half inch all the way around on the front and the back to complete after assembly. For the top leave at least an inch and a half to complete after construction of the bag is complete.

When beading a line drawing begin with one color of bead. Thread your beading needle with beading thread and knot the end. Insert your needle into several beads one at a time. You will want to begin with a string of beads as long as your first line you are covering.

Now thread your other needle with regular thread. At the beginning of the drawn line bring your regular needle through from behind. Put this needle through the knot at the end of the bead strung thread. Now put the regular needle back through the fabric. This will hold the bead string in place.

Bring the regular needle back up on the drawn line the distance of one bead from the first stitch. Lay the string of beads in place on the line drawing. Loop the regular thread up and over the first bead. Pushing the needle through the backside in the same area it came from. Continue tacking down each bead along the string. Repeat with each string of beads. Make sure to keep your beads and each line close. You don’t want gaps of fabric showing through.

If you do get gaps, it is ok to fill them in by stitching an individual bead or two into that space.
Some people tack down every other or every third bead but you will have a greater risk of your beads catching on something and tearing away from the purse so it isn’t recommended.

When all of your beading is done except the borders, stitch your side and bottom seams. Attach fabric to the hardware as the manufacturer recommends.

You now have the sides and top to finish beading. You can also add beaded fringe to the bottom in one or multiple layers.

Once all of your beading is complete, it is time to line the purse. The fabric for the lining should be lush linen or satin. Cut out the same pieces you did for the purse. Sew them together with right sides facing. Insert the lining into the bag without turning it inside right. When it is smoothed out top to bottom, trim the excess to leave a one half inch seam allowance. Fold the seam allowance so that it is between the wrong side of the lining and the back side of the purse fabric. You can pin and press it first or just tack it into place with a needle and thread.

That’s it. You are now the proud owner of a custom beaded work of art. Use bead of different sizes, shapes and texture for additional pizzazz.