We, with backpack obsession, are always on the hunt of latest backpacks with different features. The Vertex Gamut is the most recent pack that added to my vast collection of backpacks. When Vertex introduced the Gamut pack, I wanted one badly after diving through all the new features which are unique to the pack. You will feel that this a must-have backpack once you get through all the features of it. Then let us go through our Vertex Gamut review.


To start the Vertex Gamut review, I would like to say that this pack is not one of those giant backpacks in the market. The Gamut is a backpack with a height of 22 inches, a width of 14 inches and a depth of 7 inches. It is a medium-sized user-friendly pack which will help you with your daily traveling needs. The whole product reflects the excellent craftsmanship done with the Cordura Lite material, 1919 webbed shoulder straps, and the CYKK Zippers to meet up with the standards. The 28-liter backpack serves me well more than its size.

There is this flap just below the pocket at the top, which gives you a grab and go option where you can carry the pack quickly. It acts as a front handle for carrying the backpack. The zippers come in a bright visible color where you don’t have to search for them. The inside of the pack comes in another separate color where you can see the pockets and sleeves separately.

Compartments and Pockets

Compartments and pockets is a crucial aspect of our Vertex Gamut review. The Vertex Gamut has two main compartments and many pockets that allows better organization. The front flap can be opened up to 180 degrees where you can tuck it inside at the bottom of the pack, so it would stay hidden from the view revealing the Velcro MOLLE straps at the front. The Velcro straps allow you with various attachments to the bag. The two hooks in the nylon straps of the flap can be attached to the pack where you can keep a jacket or something. Another unique feature of this pack is that you will find a Velcro interior in the bag.

There are two stretchable water bottle pockets on both the sides of the backpack, where it will hold a 20-ounce water bottle without any trouble. There are another two zippered pockets on the sides with sleeves to keep things like pens, pocket knives, smaller torches, etc. The pocket at the top of the pack is not that deep, but still, you can fit in a sunglass case, USB drives, and there is a small inside the pocket where you can attach your keys. I find this pocket very useful since it grants quick access to my stuff.

When opening up to the main compartment, it will only open up to a quarter with the two snaps on both the sides that hold the zippers in place. The snaps prevent the bag from unzipping all the way down revealing your entire compartment. You can undo the snaps when you want to open the compartment entirely up to 180 degrees. I love this feature of the Gamut since I can adjust it according to the situation. There are four horizontal sleeves for quick access, and below those, you get two zippered mesh pockets on one side. On the other side, there is a somewhat bigger zippered mesh pocket and a padded compartment where you can fit in your 15-inch laptop easily. Since the compartment is well padded, you need not worry about the safety of your laptop. I used to carry my 15-inch laptop with me while traveling.

Here is a feature, which I call unique from other backpacks; the Gamut has a compartment at the back of the pack which looks like a hidden compartment. There is a larger pull-on handle in one of the zippers for quick access. There is a horizontal zipper inside this compartment where you can find a plastic shield in it. You can replace it with a ballistic shield if needed which will add up to your protection. The design of this pack is in a way which gives you space to carry a gun in it. Not every one of us will need to take a weapon though. Anyhow it is a good place to hide stuff in your backpack.


Next, we will move on to the durability in our Vertex Gamut review. When coming to the longevity of the pack, this is one of the most durable backpacks that can handle a vast amount of wear and tear. When considering the exterior of the bag, you can see that they have used the Cordura Lite material which is a good quality material for backpacks.

Straps and belts

The shoulder straps are well padded to handle all the weight of the stuff inside while giving less stress for the shoulders. There are loops in the shoulder straps which allows further attachments to the straps. Then there is this hip belt and a chest belt which you can remove when it is not needed. The 1919 webbing on shoulder straps gives space for attachments.


We have reached the end of our Vertex Gamut review. To conclude the review, the Gamut is a masterpiece with all its features which adds to the comfort of the user by making it user-friendly. It is well designed to stay durable and handle all the wear and tear for all the years of use. The pack is worth the price you pay for it since this is one of those rare quality backpacks that you will find in the market. What makes the Gamut surprising is that the Vertex has considered adding every single feature in a unique way to match the user’s need.

You might get interested in the Gamut after learning about all its amazing features by now. Fit on the backpack when you are at the store and see how it fits on your back before you purchase the pack. Purchase this wonderful pack, and it will last you for a good number of years in traveling.